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SMV (Sake Meter Value) A standard measure of the sake's relative density to water, which in turn shows how much unfermented sugar remains in the sake
A sweet, full-bodied sake will have a minus value, and a dry sake will have a positive value.

Cold Sake


Made with only rice, water and koji mold
SMV +3 (Origin: CA)
Full bodied and slightly acidic. Yaegaki Dry goes well with a wide variety of foods.
SMV +2 (Origin: Nagano)
This sake is full-bodied and earthy, yet light. It is exquisitely balanced and masterfully brewed as the almighty sake.
SMV +2 (Origin: Yamagata)
Gentle impact with a light and clean flavor. Medium dry.
SMV +0 (Origin: Fukushima)
Due to its fruity and light Koji flavor, Okunomatsu is favored by women. Mild.
Ozeki Dry
SMV +8 (Origin: CA)
Brewed fragrant and dry to suit the discriminating taste of sake connoisseurs.
SMV +3 (Origin: Hyogo)
Full bodied, good with sashimi, grilled fish or fresh vegetables.

Junmai Ginjo

Brewed using highly polished rice at leat 60%.
SMV +5 (Origin: Shizuoka)
You will enjoy the fresh Koji flavor of this sake. Dry.
SMV +4 (Origin: Yamanashi)
Initially light and bitter, it has a smooth aftertaste that will leave you wanting more. Dry.
SMV +7 (Origin: Shizuoka)
This super dry sake has a strong presence and thick flavor with almonst no perceptible smell or sweetness.
SMV +4 (Origin: Gunma)
A round, satiny entry leads to a fruity body of ripe apple and spicy dried pear flavors.
Kuro Ninki
SMV +3.5 (Origin: Fukushima)
A buoyant, fruity sake with pineapple and radish notes. Its coconut, buttermilk and pear aromas are enticing on the palate.
SMV -1 (Origin: Nilgata)
This sake is clean, refreshing, banana like fruity aroma and clean after taste are loved and enjoyed by everybody.

Junmai Daiginjo

Brewed highly polished rice to at least 50%
SMV +1 (Origin: Hyogo)
The aroma from this sake is not cloying, but leaves a smooth, light, and refreshing taste.


Yaegaki Nigori
SMV -12 (Origin: Hyogo)
Nigori is sweet, dessert sake. It is milky in color.
Ozeki Nigori
SMV -12 (Origin: Hyogo)
Unfiltered sake, smooth and creamy


Ozeki Karatamba
SMV +7
Served cold light and fruity. Excellet with spicy dishes.


24% (Origin: Fukushima)
The new revolution sake with extremely refreshing and dry taste. Enjoy it cocktail, straight or on the rocks.

*Please inform your server of any food allergies
*Thoroughly cooking meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs reduces the risk of foodnorne illness
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